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miss egg mission!

there is this cool new COSMETICS brand, ELLIS FAAS. yet miss egg had some serious question before jumping into all the colors…
Dear Miss Egg,

Thanks for your email. And noooo, of course we don’t test on animals!! Apart from that being illegal in Europe, Ellis has been a vegetarian all here life, so…. We have even trademarked the tongue-in-cheek slogan “Only tested on Supermodels” ;).

Regarding the organic resources: there are natural ingredients in our products, but we find that looking for manufacturers whose products cause the least amount of allergic reactions and so on, is more important than necessarily use organic products. But if there is a choice between products that are good or bad for the environment, of course we choose the good ones!

Does that answer your questions? Hope so!
All best,

Thijs Faas – Director Communications & Marketing
PO Box 15593 – 1001 NB Amsterdam