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“So, as we move through this new piece of rhythm, understand one thing, that when you understand the kindness—I wish tonight I could leave and fly to Mississippi and Louisiana and Alabama and meet with the Ku Klux Klan nigger-hating, Jew-bashing, gay-bashing thugs, and I’d say one thing to ’em: I made a mistake with you. You’re the filth of the earth, but you knew something that nobody in the peace movement knew, nobody at General Motors, nobody at Harvard, Yale. You knew. And because you knew it, you blew up my churches, you killed white folks that loved us, you killed black folks, you killed children, and I didn’t know you was doing it, because you was smart enough to know if you ever give them black folks the vote, they’ll be in the White House. They knew that, and you didn’t know it. I love you. God bless you.”

from the DemocracyNow Peace Ball coverage, which was sponsored by Busboys and Poets and the Smithsonian National Postal Museum