"all eyes on me" – miss egg on beauty & the political body

Why beauty? Why me? I am sitting on a dock at a bay watching my kind flow away. Sometimes even just flushed away. My kind, the “don’t throw it into my face” – kind. The out and loud kind. Sometimes proud kind. The “can’t deny myself and the things I see, feel, hear” – kind. The kind kind which doesn’t want, cannot accept the offered place in any war machine:

speak to me
and tell me
what kind of outsider you want to be.
there is plenty,
choose !
for you must know
without you
I can’t be [..]”º

To let my political body become a target place for ‘holy ones’ to redeem themselves. Is it for mothers to cover the eyes of their daughters so that they shall not become what I seem to be. Is it for boys2men who need to call me names to ensure their yet unsecured male identity. An enemy body for leaders to ensure their positions as oppressors masked as freedom fighters, in a sadistic fame game:
“we hail our name
in realities of fear and myth
fame game 
bargain of others pain.”ºº

Where as I am only sharing myself to the world in a way that I, and only I, want to. I believe that beauty has many faces, voices, all of them worthy to be.

º from “sister/outsider”, B.Sezen 1999
ºº from “thoughts on values at the dawn of the 21st century “, B. Sezen 2006


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