miss egg comments: "the art of distraction"

“Judge Michael T. Sauer criticized the Sheriff’s Department for letting Hilton out without his permission and remanded the 26-year-old multimillionaire […] back to jail.”

I quite don’t believe that the judge cared much about Hilton whether in or out jail. He was making a statement towards the Sheriff responsible for Hilton’s home detention, demonstrating his power and putting ranks in place. What fascinates me is how much time the media and ME are willing to spent over a spoiled rich kids consequences of her irresponsible actions. Over someone who’s life gets death threatened by having to spent time in places she isn’t used to, which are actually not only unbearable to her but to many other ‘regular’ inmates.
“For decades, where [inmates] were housed and how they were housed was up to the Sheriff’s Department,” said Stan Goldman, a professor of criminal law and procedure at Loyola Law School. “Now that all may change, thanks to, of all people, Paris Hilton.” Hail Hilton? No, not Hilton, for I don’t believe much that she thought about anybody else but herself. Yet, if in quite some strange twisted ways situations get better for inmates through this incident, fine with me.

Still, with the “Hilton-story” I can shake my head in disbelieve and disgust and feel reassured in my prejudices about celebrities’ abuse of their status, making it so much easier for me to get distracted about other, more serious detentions. People with ‘no names and faces’ in media coverage getting secretly detained for whatever reason. The so called “war on terrorism” creates “ghost detainees” disappearing with no glamour to publicly unknown places. On the same day with the “Hilton-Happening”, leading human rights groups have unveiled that 39 people are being secretly detained by the US. Which got more media attention? Which kept my mind more busy? This I call “the art of distraction”.

Last but not least, getting imprisoned for alcohol abuse (for which Paris Hilton is one in thousands getting detention every year) is ridicules by itself, making individual lives worse. Punishment through simply putting people away, making it hard to reintegrate afterwards for many loose their economical, social status, serves who?

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