miss egg comments: "united we rape – global are the brotherly rules of oppression & war"

“… Despite the rhetoric of the Bush administration that women’s lives have improved since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, women are facing a new series of challenges that some say have rolled back decades of Iraqi women’s struggles for equal rights. […]
The lack of security in Iraq and increase in crimes like rapes, murders and kidnappings has made many women afraid to leave their homes and led them to keep their children, especially girls, home from school.

In Central and Southern Iraq, where the violence and chaos is most extreme, violent acts against women are carried out by U.S. troops, foreign contractors, Iraqi police officers, insurgents, gangs and common criminals.

In addition, radical religious groups who use violence to enforce their conservative interpretation of Islam assault women. […]

A July 2003 Human Rights Watch report stated that “Women and girls told Human Rights Watch that the insecurity and fear of sexual violence or abduction is keeping them in their homes, out of schools and away from work and looking for employment”. …” from: “Iraqi Women Under Siege: A Report by CODEPINK and Global Exchange”

[to read the complete report click on titel]

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